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Universal Solutionss stay awake and alive because Insurance helps families in financial distress, during the times of death, disability, disease, and accidents, and when families need help most. One incident can destroy a family’s future and development. We hope no one ever faces such a situation, but the truth is millions of people do. Unlike developed countries there is still major improvment required in terms of social security. Loss of health is a real loss whather for a rich or poor, moreover poor cannot recover from such loss easily.

We are against miss selling. Millions of people every year buy Insurance policies without understanding as they are usually told just a few things to sell the product. Many times these are lies or half-truths; as such commitments are rarely documented or recorded. As a result customers start hating insurance and its sellers. This is no way to build a sustainable business. We believe everyone must fully understand what they are buying, and know both the positives and the negatives. They should know the options, and choose what is best for them and their needs.The true value of any insurance policy lies in the payment of a claim, and we will fight the corner of a customer very hard indeed, at the point of claim, and ensure he gets a fair deal from the insurance company.

Finally we believe companies must make a profit too, else how can they continue to service customers. Thus we are against customer side fraud. We like customers to make truthful declarations, and not try to cheat the system. All in all, Insurance has a huge role in supporting families in distress, and we will make it viable for every participant, as we said, fairly, transparently, and sustainably.

Universal Solutionss

Health insurance is important for several reasons. Uninsured people receive less medical and less timely care, they have worse health outcomes, and lack of insurance is a burden for them and their families. We Properly Take Care Of That.


Brand Promotions

Brand Promotions is a concept of Promoting Brands or Sponsors in a single platform, We do this by creating moments in popular malls, colleges, bus stops, multiplexes, stores and events right into cherished moments in a customer’s life.



Aashman foundation is an NGO having National Presence and is working for Woman Empowerment, Widows, Child Education & their Development. We are the CSR Partner of aashman and trying to support them in every manner and in a best possible way.


Insurance Solutions

Universal Solutionss is your a trusted service provider company for General Insurance,Car Insurance,Health Insurance,Term Insurance,Preventive Health Checkup’s & Brand promotions. Our Aim is to provide the best in class services.


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Why Universal Solutionss

  • ⚪   We are not the Online Company
  • ⚪   We believe in 4C§Ó??s Cost, Convenience, Care and Control
  • ⚪  Customer Focus, Right Approach and Quality of Service is our Aim.
  • ⚪   We prefer to Meet Our Customers & discuss about your requirement
  • ⚪   We Do Have our CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) & We support and Work Accordingly.
  • ⚪   We do not offer fake discounts/Commitments just to grab business.
  • ⚪   We do not have Un-Achievable targets for my business to maintain Steady Growth.
  • ⚪   We handle customer complaints and take feedbacks to upgrade our services.
  • ⚪   We are not the FDI funded company So We have our hard earned money We have invested in our Business.

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