At Universal Solutionss, we credit our success to the support of our clients and exceptional efforts of our employees. The company is growing swiftly with due to the commitment and dedication of the staff members. We hire, train, motivate, and retain the best people in the industry by providing them opportunities for growth and development. We offer you an opportunity to be part of a team of professionals striving to enhance the value given to customers. Work culture here, is based on the fundamental belief that employees of a company are its most important assets. Respect and concern for each employee in the organization are the basic principles on which our organization functions. At Universal Solutionss, we provide individuals a platform for personal growth in a challenging environment with a clear Vision, Goals, right values & principles. We bring together talented individuals who share these principles and therefore share success..

Why Universal Solutionss

Delivering challenging jobs, rewarding performance and providing ample opportunities to grow, we ensure that the environment is growth inductive. At Universal Solutionss, your career path are value based and performance driven. We value talent, creativity, self initiation, decisive action, and a sense of urgency in actions.

Opportunity for all

Universal Solutionss is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our objective is to recruit, hire, train and promote to all job levels, the most qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, military service, marital status or sexual orientation. The primary success quotient lies in your performance, aptitude and attitude.

Training & Development

Universal Solutionss believes in adding value to its human capital through various programs viz. induction program, product training, e-learning modules and other functional training programs. This enables the employees to hone their skills, think out of box, develop initiative and adopt a pro-active approach.

Challenges & Growth

Employees are encouraged to grow not just vertically, but also horizontally broadening the scope of their responsibility within the organization. We offer critical and challenging roles and our talent management goals are geared to creating a pipeline for potential leaders.

What is in For You

  • Well Defined Carrer
  • Well Defined Goal
  • Well Defined Targets
  • Well Defined Incentives
  • Well Defined Sucess